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Barium is a chemical element with the symbol Ba and atomic number 56. It is the fifth element in group 2 and is a soft, silvery alkaline earth metal cause of its high chemical reactivity, barium is never found in nature as a free element.. The most common minerals of barium are baryte (barium sulfate, BaSO 4) and witherite (barium carbonate, BaCO 3), both insoluble in water.

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Jan 06, 2015· If sulfate must be further reduced ("polished"), an add-on process such as barium, CESR, or SAVMIN is recommended. As a polishing step for sulfate removal, barium salts can be added to precipitate barium sulfate, which has a very low solubility in water, with the final sulfate concentration limited only by the amount of barium added and ...

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Its solutions react with sulfate ion to produce a thick white precipitate of barium sulfate. Ba 2+ + SO 4 2− → BaSO 4. Oxalate effects a similar reaction: Ba 2+ + C 2 O 4 2− → BaC 2 O 4. When it is mixed with sodium hydroxide, it gives the dihydroxide, which is moderately soluble in water. Preparation

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Barium carbonate reacts with acids such as hydrochloric acid to form soluble barium salts, such as barium chloride: BaCO 3 + 2 HCl → BaCl 2 + CO 2 + H 2 O. Pyrolysis of barium carbonate gives barium oxide. Uses. It is mainly used to remove sulfate impurities from feedstock of the chlor-alkali process. Otherwise it is a common precursor to ...

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Sulfate ions in the sample react with barium in the SulfaVer 4 Reagent and form a precipitate of barium sulfate. The amount of turbidity formed is proportional to the sulfate concentration. The measurement wavelength is 450 nm for spectrophotometers or 520 nm for …

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All soluble barium compounds are toxic to mammals, probably by interfering with the functioning of potassium ion channels. Barium sulfate (BaSO 4) is a white, heavy insoluble powder that occurs in nature as the mineral barite. Almost 80 percent of world consumption of barium sulfate …

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Synonym: 2-Cyanoethyl phosphate barium salt hydrate, 3-(Phosphonooxy)propanenitrile barium salt hydrate Linear Formula: NCCH 2 CH 2 OPO 3 Ba · xH 2 O Molecular Weight: 286.37 (anhydrous basis)

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It is also called Barium Muriate or Barium dichloride. It is a white solid which is water-soluble, hygroscopic and gives a slight yellow-green colour to a flame. The chemical formula of Barium Chloride is BaCl 2. Barium salts are extensively used in the industry. The sulfate is used in white paints, particularly for outside use.

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The absorption of specific barium salt anions /was examined/ in male Sprague-Dawley rats administered radiolabelled barium chloride, sulfate, or carbonate to fasted (24 hr) and non-fasted rats /strain not given/ by gastric intubation. Animals were saced from 2 to 480 min after administration and blood concentrations were measured.

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Y. Nonomura, in Cosmetic Science and Technology, 2017 Barium Sulfate. Barium sulfate, BaSO 4, is made by reacting barium hydroxide and other barium sources with sulfuric acid and has a long history as a translucent white pigment.Barium sulfate can be formed in various shapes such as planar, starred, or spherical structures depending on the formulation condition, especially the ...

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Sep 03, 2017· In the presence of severe renal insufficiency, the maximum dosage of magnesium sulfate is 20 grams/48 hours and frequent serum magnesium concentrations must be obtained. Other Uses In counteracting the muscle-stimulating effects of barium poisoning, the usual dose of magnesium sulfate is 1 to 2 g given I.V.