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This includes Ordinary Portland Cement, Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement, Portland Pozzalana Cement, White Cement, Ready Mix Concrete, building products and a host of other building solutions. Cement is sold under the brands ''UltraTech, UltraTech Premium and Birla Super.'' White cement is manufactured under the brand name of ''Birla White ...

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Slag is the glass-like by-product left over after a desired metal has been separated (i.e., smelted) from its raw ore.Slag is usually a mixture of metal oxides and silicon dioxide.However, slags can contain metal sulfides and elemental metals. While slags are generally used to remove waste in metal smelting, they can also serve other purposes, such as assisting in the temperature control of ...

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Apr 08, 2021· History. Mining waste is one type of special waste When EPA proposed regulations for managing hazardous waste under Subtitle C of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) on December 18, 1978 (43 FR 58946), the agency deferred hazardous waste requirements for six categories of waste—which EPA termed "special wastes"—until further study and assessment could be …

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Jul 06, 2020· Permanent exhibition hall, temporary exhibition hall and special bookstore are set up in the blast furnace body. In addition, the semi indoor blast furnace show hall on the 9.7M taphole platform is a characteristic exhibition space full of industrial atmosphere.,exterior view to the blast …


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Some of the established SCMs are fly ash, silica fume, blast furnace slag, steel slag, etc. Pozzolanic materials, such as fly ash, steel slag, and cement kiln dust (CKD) when used as replacement to cement, improve the long-term performance of concrete as the pozzolanic reaction takes time.

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Blast-furnace slag is produced in a blast furnace during the reduction of iron ore to iron. It consists of non-metallic minerals, which are tapped off from the blast furnace while molten. By processing blast furnace slag into Skyway Cement or slag aggregate, the material is diverted from landfills.

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Maha Portland Slag Cement (PSC), conforming to the IS 455-1989, is manufactured from high quality clinker and superior quality granulated blast furnace slag. The slag used contains more than. Read more. Maha Solid.

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May 01, 2021· Ecocem, formed in 2000 by Donal O''Rian, an Irish engineer, makes low-carbon cements based on ground granulated blast-furnace slag technology, a by-product of iron and steel making.

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CASDS04 Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag. CASDS05 Quicklime. CASDS06 Hydrated Lime. CASDS07 High Alumina Cement. CASDS73 White Cement. CASDS74 Off-White Bagged Cement. CASDS20 Cement-Lime Blends. CASDS19 PROSTRENGTH Rapid Set Mortar. CASDS21 Mortar Mixes (preblended) CASDS22 Wet Mix Mortar. CASDS23 Concrete Mix . CASDS24 Wet Mix Concrete.

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At JSW Cement, we follow stringent processes that enrich our value chain, right from mining to delivering the best-quality green cement to our customers. We take pride in nurturing a sense of sustainability and consciousness in all our stakeholders. Thus, upholding our motto ''Start Strong. Grow Stronger''

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Sep 17, 2017· Ultratech sells ordinary portland cement, blast furnace slag cement, and Portland pozzolana cement under the name of grey cement. And Ready Mix Concrete and range of specialty concrete sold under the name of Ultratech Concrete. Having more than 22,000 employees, UltraTech is ready to take on any supply.

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Ground-granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS or GGBFS) is obtained by quenching molten iron slag (a by-product of iron and steel-making) from a blast furnace in water or steam, to produce a glassy, granular product that is then dried and ground into a fine powder.Ground-granulated blast furnace slag is highly cementitious and high in CSH (calcium silicate hydrates) which is a strength enhancing ...

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Cement is manufactured through a closely controlled chemical combination of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and other ingredients. Common materials used to manufacture cement include limestone, shells, and chalk or marl combined with shale, clay, slate, blast furnace slag, silica sand, and iron ore.

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fur·nace (fûr′nĭs) n. 1. An enclosure in which energy in a nonthermal form is converted to heat, especially such an enclosure in which heat is generated by the combustion of a suitable fuel. 2. An intensely hot place: the furnace of the sun; an attic room that is a furnace in the summer. 3. A severe test or trial: endured the furnace of his friends ...

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Blast Furnace Slag Cement. Blast furnace slag cement is obtained by grinding the clinkers with about 60% slag and resembles more or less in properties of Portland cement. It can be used for works where economic considerations are predominant. 8. High Alumina Cement.

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UltraTech''s products include Ordinary Portland cement, Portland Pozzolana cement and Portland blast-furnace slag cement. UltraTech cement is the ultimate 360° building materials destination, providing an array of products ranging from grey cement to white cement, from building products to building solutions and an assortment of ready mix ...

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Cement is an ingredient that is usually produced on a regional basis as well. It is the one building material that is produced close to a job site. The concrete industry uses waste products such as fly ash from combustion and blast furnace slag from iron manufacturing to produce concrete.

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Cement is a vital source of strength in infrastructure, second only to water as one of the most used substances in the world. It is also a source of emissions, generating 5 to 6 percent annually. ... ground bottle glass, and industrial waste products—namely blast furnace slag (from manufacturing iron) and fly ash (from burning coal). These ...


Portland cement is a hydraulic cementcapable of setting, hardening and remains stable under water. It iscomposed of calcium silicates and someamount of gypsum. Blended Portland Cements Blended cement, as defined in ASTM C 595, is a mixture of portland cement and blast furnace slag (BFS) or a "mixture of portland cement and a pozzolan (most

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Robert Lewis, ... Ray Ryle, in Advanced Concrete Technology, 2003. 3.7.8 Compatibility with blended cements. A large proportion of readymixed concrete manufactured in the UK contains cement replacement materials such as ground granulated blast-furnace slag (ggbs) and pulverized fuel ash (pfa). These materials are industrial pozzolans and are activated in much the same way as metakaolin.

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Crown Blast Furnace Cement OUR RECENT PROJECTS Being the leading cement manufacturing company, we have ensured quality structures to both the country and abroad.

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Portland cement clinker and granulated blast furnace slag are intergraded to make blast furnace cement. A maximum of 65 percent of the mixture could be comprised of blast furnace slag. Uses of Blast Furnace Cement. It is highly sulfate resistant; Frequently used in seawater construction.

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After that, the Italcementi SpA acquired the Ciments Francais in 1992. ESSROC Cement Corp. produces cement and offers bulk cement, such as Portland cements and supplementary cementing materials, general purpose cement, slag cement, hydraulic cement, limestone cement, and blast furnace slags.


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Apr 15, 2021· In concrete, cement is used to bond sand and gravel. Some researchers are investigating how more cement can be replaced with other materials, such as fly ash and blast furnace slag, to reduce CO 2 emissions, but this approach is unsustainable because the supply of these materials is decreasing owing to reduced use of thermal power systems and ...

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Boral has also been replacing portions of the raw limestone and shale used in manufacturing with various forms of ''slag''. Slag, specifically steel slag and granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS), is a waste by-product of the steel manufacturing process.

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Another raw material is blast-furnace slag, which consists mainly of lime, silica, and alumina and is mixed with a calcareous material of high lime content. Kaolin, a white clay that contains little iron oxide, is used as the argillaceous component for white portland cement. Industrial wastes, such as fly ash and calcium carbonate from chemical ...

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As a leading supplier of building materials, Hanson UK offers a wide range of cement products, suitable for all different uses, from general purpose to waterproof, quick dry, pre-mixed and ready mix cement.And we have an unrivalled product range which includes Portland Cement, White Portland Cement, GGBS and Fly Ash. If you are looking to buy it in bulk, ready to use or bagged cement, At ...

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Ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS): Granulated blast furnace slag is a by- product of steel plants, granulation is done by quenching with water. GGBS is used to make durable concrete structures in combination with ordinary Portland cement and/or other pozzolanic materials.

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Blended Cement. Blended hydraulic cements are produced by intergrinding or blending Portland cement and supplementary cementitious materials or SCM such as ground granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash, silica fume, calcined clay, hydrated lime, and other pozzolans.